Zenith Virago


Presentation:  Sex and Death:
If orgasm is the petit death, is death the ultimate body orgasm?

A controversial and exciting discussion on the common ground between sex and death, and why people working with and towards a greater awareness of sexuality, may be better prepared for death and dying.

By opening, exploring and creating a comfortable or tantric relationship to sex, pleasure and the human body we experience more than the obvious.

Experiencing the body fully as our medium for sexual activity, allows us to appreciate we are not actually our physical body, so when it comes to dying, and the death of the physical body, we can appreciate that we the essence of who we are doesn’t die.

We ready ourselves to the one common experience to all human beings.  By looking at our fears and our acceptances we can journey into dying well and gain the most from this ultimate experience, whilst offering gifts to those we love and leave behind.

Living fully, knowing ourselves, seeing death as a natural end to life, embracing a holistic approach, dying well,  and being ready for unexpected death, allows us to live more fully.

Trust, presence, practice, expansion, all needed for both activities.

“… for what is it to die, but to stand naked in the wind’…..  Kahlil Gibran



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