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Presentation:  The Original Blueprint of Sexuality
- The Creative Force of the Universe

We are Divine Creation!
We are all amazing masters of divine creation - in fact we are creation itself! And all acts of creation emanate from the sexual/creative centers. And the expression of sexuality and the Divine act of Sexual Union is a prime example of creation in the world of form and how every aspect of nature creates itself, grows, flourishes and evolves, from plants and animals, to planets, stars and galaxies. We are the creative force of the Universe, Sacred Geometry in action, it is time to accept this divinely creative nature!

Our sexual chakras, glands, and organs, are the physical centers of our creative nature, designed for Co-Creation, not just pro-creation. The sexual energies upon this planet, have been used and manipulated by society to control, because of their feelings of unworthiness and
disconnection from God-Goddess and their own creative/sexual nature. It is now time to empower ourselves through embracing our creative/sexual nature and fully let go of our fears of this magnificence, that are kept hidden behind the illusions of guilt and shame. It is now time to dismantle the old patterns of love, sex and relationship, held in our etheric bodies, DNA, memories and programming, so that we may fully re-connect to our true nature of
 Unconditional Love!

Through guidance, meditation and activations, we will be reconnecting to the Absolute Purity, the Immaculate Concept, the Original Blueprint of Sexuality and its divine place in the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth!

Stream 2

Presentation:  How to Achieve Ecstatic States of Oneness Through Making Love with the
Fullness of Your Divine Presence!

Multidimensional Love & Sexuality in the New Civilization of Light We are physical beings who have been given a divine gift of acute sensitivity and feeling, plain and simply, we are sensual and sexual beings, and we did not choose to inhabit these physical bodies to repress, deny or transcend this sensitivity and feeling as if there is something wrong with our bodies and their sensual/sexual nature - we are here to fully embrace all experience and feeling, unconditionally, without judgment - this is the original intention - the Blueprint of the Divine Human.

We are divine masters, not sinful creatures that are being punished by being in a body and liberation is achieved by embracing our bodies and every aspect of it's experience, not by denying and repressing it. Enlightenment is achieved by embracing all experience and all life, and by doing so, you enter a karma-less state of grace which enables you to be able to experience Ecstatic States of Divine Oneness and the fullness of your Divine Presence.

And a huge part of our transformation into Divine Humans, is the dismantling of the old matrix of love, sex and relationship, that is built upon lack, unworthiness, shame and guilt, and re-create for ourselves, the purity, the original intention and the true essence of divine love and sexuality, which is also achieved through the integration of our divine masculine and divine feminine natures.

ZaKaiRan is an emissary of Love, Light & Fun dedicated to enlightening humanity to the "Power of Joy" that is within the heart of every being, and the power of embracing every aspect of physical, emotional, sensual, sexual and creative expression.

The "Power of Joy" is about connecting to and expressing our true divine nature of joy, which is the key to our health, wealth and personal empowerment. It is the key to embodying our divinity, our divine gifts (as a healers, channels, writers, psychics, dancers, artists.) and the key to fulfilling our mission here on earth.

I delight in creating a sacred, joyful, playful & accelerated space of unconditional love and divinity, for beings to be able to easily and gracefully access their Divine Power, Mastery and truly experience and embody their Awesome Magnificence.

For more information about ZaKaiRan, go to: - A Transformational Space of Love Light & Laughter - To Infinity and Beyond! You may also contact



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