Wayne Clayton


An open-hearted, Tantric Energy Healer and Teacher with over 15 years of experience working with clients to assist them on their spiritual path. Has taught multi-level Tantra courses and intensives along with energetic techniques like Stem Cell Reactivation and others. Clients acknowledge my calming yet powerful ability to hold space, witness and safely guide them on their healing path. Work on acute and chronic physical and/or emotional problems in addition to wellness care. Have over 1750 hours of instruction with Masters in their chosen modalities. Some of the tools used are essential oils, tuning forks, minerals, touch, and remote healing methods. Some examples of emotional problems worked on are depression, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, stress, hyper-activity, low self-image, and many more. Some examples of physical problems are TMJ, headaches, stomach problems, nerve damage, skin rashes, digestion, pain management, injuries, and even long-term illnesses, like Cancer, Parkinson’s and MS.