ISTA:  International School of Temple Arts

Temple Arts is a lifestyle and a body of knowledge that facilitates the sacred union of divine masculine and feminine. The aberrated masculine has polarized this body of knowledge and the true essence of sacred being has been missed.

Especially in the West, practices such as Tantra have been limited to sexual expression.  ISTA provides instruction for healing to take place on every level, with all aspects (spirit, mind, body, heart, and emotions) manifesting divine results.

ISTA offers private sessions and workshops with men, women, and couples to activate, strengthen, and deepen their tantric skills.

When you are able to honor, trust, communicate, improve your skills with others, and focus your mind and body in the appropriate ways, a whole new world of possibilities opens to you. Greater understanding, deeper compassion, , power, bliss, ecstasy, fuller life experiences and better health are all available to you.

There is no substitute for divine presence.