Uma and Deej


Stream 1
Presentation:  Expanding On Our Experience of Gender

What do we mean by masculine and feminine energy? How can we practice fluidity between these polar concepts? How can we expand on how we work with polarity and diversity in the field of sacred sexuality? This industry workshop explores the difference between gender, and masculine and feminine. We will experiment with the yin and yang qualities in each of us as a lead in to a discussion on diversity in sacred sexuality.


Stream 2
Presentation:  Introduction to Tantric Play Parties with Uma and Deej
The Tantric Play Parties were developed to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in sacred sexuality to connect on a regular basis, to practise, and to learn new skills, in a safe and well-facilitated environment.
At this workshop you will learn how to connect with greater intimacy, go more deeply into sensation, and enhance your way of being.  
An Introduction To Tantric Play Parties offers an opportunity to experience the ease, fun and safety of these events, and some fundamental practices from a range of sacred sexuality traditions such as Taoism, tantra or sexual shamanism.

For the Saturday evening social event:
A 3 Circle Ritual The 3 Circle Ritual is an opportunity to practise holding space, and establishing boundaries, while establishing a sense of communal eroticism as we generate our own orgasmic energy. Join us in this sacred ecstatic ritual.

Deej and Uma have a successful partnership in offering somatic (body-based) sex education trainings to people of all genders and sexualities throughout the region. Deej works as a sex and intimacy coach, and Uma as a Sacred Intimate and tantrika, with successful practices in Brisbane and Byron Bay. We are dedicated to making sacred sexuality practices accessible through quality somatic trainings. Through somatic sex education, we teach people to be more connected to their bodies, and their partners, to have more pleasure and passion in their lives, and to have better sex. We both trained as Sexological Bodyworkers, and as such have taught sacred sexuality to hundreds of people in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
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