Presentation: Training Sex and Conscious Educators

The Daka or Dakini is a man or woman who is dedicated to the practice of evolving consciousness and embodying bliss, and who supports others on this path. Central to this path are presence, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness, and embracing the shadow (unintegrated psychological material). These practices are a foundation for developing skill in the Sacred Temple Arts.   


Some people take this training for their own personal enrichment while others are interested in  the profession of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Educator.  Triambika trains motivated individuals from a diverse background of experiences, including computer techs, massage therapists, counselors, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and students, to create an intensely-satisfying learning journey, to significantly impact their personal lives and professional styles.



Triambika, founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute is a professional Intimacy coach and international sacred sexuality seminar leader. Focusing primarily on practitioner level trainings she is a clear and articulate channel for the teachings of Erotic Spirituality and the non-dual dance of Divine masculine and feminine dynamics.

Her extensive practice with the time-honored tradition of Tantra give her a solid foundation for contemporary methods of awakening consciousness.

Join Triambika on Tour:  View the Dakini Mentorship Program scheduled for Sydney in March