Talk and touch in a truly comfortable setting can do wonders to heal the inner self; you will be witnessed authentically, unconditionally, and with love. Welcome to your inner sanctum, a space we will create together to learn the wisdom of the body. Body outlining and telegraphing, the 'star pattern',, toning, and annointing with oils and tantric breathwork can all help you access your ability to give and recieve divine love. I have been blessed with the ability to share simple electric body & soul concepts with tangible, easy to understand words and methods. Your time with me includes a special blessing which identifies YOUR essence, your highest spiritual gifts to self and others. Any problem or concern, as seen through your higher self, can be re-framed and re-wired into a new, upward spiraling reality.

I offer couples and singles training in the electric body and tantric techniques which are useful and fun when applied to life. Mixing sound, breathwork and electric 'yin/yang' play into your lovemaking can create (or re-create) excitement instantly. Decide today that you want to know more about your electric body and how to magnetically connect with others, you'll love sharing it once you've mastered it yourself!

Scheduling time is easy, I accept private and pay phone calls for your privacy's sake. I work with total trust in the 1 and so do not require any kind of references, referrals, or pre-paid conditions. Please phone with your questions!
Most of my temple guests are ready to go to a new level of awareness and are already comfortable with the idea of guided touch on the natural body. If you are ready for direct tantric transmission, our time together may include:


Whole Body Healing delivers the maximum amount of life force energy from the web of life to the individual’s resonating vessel. We can achieve full connection to the web of life force and full activation through the hands-on conduit of the Whole Body Healer. Practices specific to Whole Body Healing include Chakra Polarity (magnetic completion) which is achieved by aligning the practitioners energy centers with those of the seeker.

You can expect to be present with me as your healer on a "light body altar", which is a comfortable cushioned & lit platform which has been consecrated (dedicated sacred use) to support your physical body during your mind/body/spirit ritual of union.

You will be provided with a warm cover and may choose to wear or not wear, one of our sarongs or your own loose cotton attire during part or all of your session. The room is warm and it is not uncommon for us to be in 'au naturale'.

I schedule extra time so that you can share a little time in talking over your needs and concerns. With new Seekers and Initiates, you may decide during our intial chat whether you are comfortable going forward with your visit as planned. A beverage will be offered to you, as well as a chance to shower or bathe before beginning. In some cases, bathing together or time in the outdoor pool may be perfect for water relaxation.

As your healer, I will be sensitive to your requests, while performing rituals known to bring initiates into a state of complete relaxation. Most guests receive an exhilarating shift in their electric body by the end of the session and come away feeling happy and refreshed. In some cases, the ecstasy is shared and both guest and practitioner access higher states of connection to the web of life force energy.

This is our playground and our sanctuary. The temple is a safe haven from the outside world, and the inner chambers are designed so that you can drop all of your cares and identities at the door and become a free spirit in a body exploring all that can be shared between two beings. You will enter 'self sovereign space' where nothing is forced there is no performance, only genuine gentle sharing of heart mind soul and body.

Warm unscented virgin coconut oil or lotion is used to anoint the chakras ( energy centers), with special care given to the base of the spine, which houses the kundalini life force. The circular application of oils/lotions connect the healers' hands with body points which are known to conduct the largest amounts of bio-genetic energy. Hot towels, diffused aromatherapy in the room and light body sprays add to the relaxing effect.

Our body sprays do not contain oil and are chosen because they are organic and dissipate without a trace within just a few minutes. We understand that you may not be able to leave the session 'smelling like a rose' etc. and take steps accordingly to bring you aromatherapy which does not scent you, the guest.
In addition to Whole Body Healing which occurs in nearly all sessions, I offer the following: Magnetic Tantra --Acknowledge & feel your personal electrical field through whole body relaxation and guided imagery. Yab Yum; 'first position' of tantric positions: aligning chakras with your partner; sharing breath and the weaving of prana, third eye meditations, opening the crown to bliss with gratefulness Magnetic play with male & female polarity; magnets and the "happy hook up" yin and yang in the hands,'crossing the wires' and chakra centers; the yin-field melting hug. Goddess Guide Me & Awaken the Goddess-- Be a better lover! I will share with you the art of Pom Poir and the active Yoni. This is a chance for you to express your adoration of the feminine principle as embodied by your guide. Your passion is ignited and welcomed by a wise woman with heart.

Surrender to Yin --Learn the ancient traditions of the sacred feminine and the wisdom of the body. Allow yourself to be the object of desire, the pure receptivity to your own "yin" energy while I create safe sensual bondage to restrain you playfully while we explore the top / bottom, send /receive aspect of energy play. Perfect for type "A" seekers who are always in charge and who need to feel completely released of all responsibility for a change.

Your financial offering of support helps keep the temple's sacred space available for all in need of a renewed mind*body*spirit. As with all houses off worship and spiritual retreat, we have a special place to receive your donation; look for the Balinese Receiving Hands in your transformation chamber. Your love offering is an active way for you to help restore the balance of Yin / Yang energies here on planet earth as every Temple of the Mother provides much needed Yin to the Universal Web of Life.

My Requested Offerings of Support are as follows:

    •    60 minutes: $240 Whole Body Healing, Intro to Tantra, Energetic Life Force Mastery (Men) Surrender to Yin (men / couples)
    •    90 minutes: $330 Whole Body Healing, Intro to Tantra, Goddess Worship/Guide Me, Magnetic Tantra, Ladder of Light & Ascension, Electric Body Solutions for Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction & Long-term Prostate Health
    •    2 hour Tantra Gateway: $420 Touch on the religious, historic, scientific and relational aspects of the Tantric Universe, and apply these truths to your / our modern life. Includes direct experience of the chakra Ladder of Light & the polarity of male / female matrix.

Longer immersions, excursions and travel are possible, please write or call me to discuss details.