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Presentation 1 – Stream I
The Transformational Crucible
When we teach Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, in groups, we are working with deeply powerful emotional, sexual, physical and transpersonal energies. The potential for transformational change for the group, the individuals within that group and the leaders, is substantial.
We are like the Alchemists of old, courageously working with the transformation of dark matter into gold. For this transformation to occur, a strong container is needed. Ancient Alchemical transformation occurred within the ‘Crucible’ – a container able to withstand the great heat, and corrosive effects of dark matter and chemicals. If the Crucible was flawed, the alchemical transformation could not occur. Or, sometimes disaster was the outcome.
Our container for transformation - our Alchemical Crucible - is the group. In this presentation Steve Sweeney will outline strategies to strengthen the group container we work with. To create a group structure that is more able to withstand the powerful forces we work with. That supports the opportunity for deep transformational change, that is possible, for participants and leaders.

28Presentation 2 - Stream 2

A Taste of Tantra                  
Most people’s idea of Tantra is that it is all about great sex - it can be. Yet the presence, compassion, openness and joy filled love that is a result of tantric practices can open your relationships to new depths of intmacy, closeness and honesty.
Not only can you become the great lover you want. You can become the partner, friend, parent, companion that you have always wanted.
For us, Tantric practices support the heartfelt integration of Sexuality and Spirituality, that expresses itself through an open, joy filled heart, luminous sex and deep pleasures that can give you a taste of oneness, with all that is.
Come along and have a taste of what Tantra can be for you. Open to singles, couples and friends

Steve Sweeney

Steve has worked for over 20 years with people - in groups, as individuals and with couples - utilising a diverse range of modalities in supporting people through life’s transitions, crisis and personal change.
Steve’s passion is exploring the nexus between Sexuality and Spirituality and supporting people, in their search for creating an authentic experience of Sacred Sexuality in relationships of passion, creativity and ease.
He draws upon a rich background of experience in Massage/BodyWork, Wholistic Counselling, Transpersonal Therapies, Training & Group Facilitation, Meditation and Tantra.
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Jo Norman
Jo began her journey of inner personal growth in 1998, returning to Australia after living in London for ten years. She finds her natural surrounds, particularly the sea and the bush, support her dropping deeper into her true nature
Tantra has enriched Jo’s life enormously and helped open the door to creating deeply intimate and loving relationships. She has learned much about creating a healthy relationship and a life of freedom, creativity and empowerment, since meeting her life partner, Steve Sweeney.
Jo and Steve are in a committed relationship. They know what it is like to maintain the passion and intimate connection with each other, whilst navigating the joys and challenges of raising children, having a business and being active members of their community.
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