SHIVAKTI SHAKTIVA (San Francisco, California)


Shivakti Shaktiva is the creator of the San Francisco Bay Area healing collective, "Temple of Bliss," founded in 1994. She is a facilitator of shamanic "journey" circles and has founded a non-profit church, "Fountains of Bliss." Shivakti has trained in the sacred temple arts for the past 15 years. Her studies/practices have interwoven shamanism, yoga, bodywork & tantra.
Her intention is to assist others in awakening to their divine magic, birthright and power, to facilitate kundalini activation and soul-remembrance of Cosmic Union, "Beloved Holy Love." Shivakti works with individuals, couples and groups in a variety of formats, offering an experiential body-based relationship to the information she shares.
She affirms, "We ALL hold the keys to unlock our treasure chest of the Universe's Sacred mysteries!" For more information on Temple of Bliss and Fountains of Bliss, please see:
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