SHAWN ROOP (San Diego, California)


Shawn Roop is facilitator in San Diego. His foundation is Tantric, using the ancient teachings from India merged with modern teachings; he explores the interpersonal relationship with the seven main energy points in the body, the chakras. He supports transformation at whatever speed that maintains safety and rapport, while offering a enormous level of presence and awareness. All areas of life can be addressed in your sessions.
Shawn also draws upon on 18 years of Huna (the Hawaiian Shamanic path), also know as Ho'omana, to support immense change and over all wellness in each session. The interlacing of Huna and Tantric wisdom presents a gentle complexity and total approach to all aspect of the mind, body and soul. Free your limitations and dive into life with grace and ease. Reclaim sexual empowerment and remember keys to unlock your dynamic life fully.
Each session is uniquely designed based on what your intention is. All sessions with Shawn have the possibility for wonderful life change; how much is based on your willingness to accept growth in life. Shawn is a magnificent communicator with sharp intuition, that helps creates fast results and massive movement towards want you want. Let Shawn take you on a journey of a life well lived today
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