Kenneth & Sharon Mauldin


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Presentation:  BIRTH INTO BEING: An invitation to the Birthing Field

Birth isn't just for babies. Each of us is in the midst of birth processes, weather it's birthing our dreams, our relationships, our children, or ourselves. How we were initially welcomed into this life ...from conception, gestation and birth... is the foundational blueprint from which we live our life, including our sexuality. And most of us were imprinted from birth experiences that were less than ideal.

As sacred sex practitioners, when have the opportunity to guide our clients into an energetic birthing field of healing where the nervous
system can be re-imprinted with a new foundational imprint that will deeply support their journey of healing and awakening.

This presentation will exploder the sexuality/birth connection, limbic imprinting, holding the healing field of energy and ways to bring these to your sessions.


Stream 2


One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others is the quality of our presence. Infused with presence, every moment is
alive and rich. Full enlivened presence is the foundation of Tantra that will not only add sacred passion and depth to your lovemaking
but to every part of life, too. This presentation will be an experiential journey into deepening presence and connection that will give you simple, powerful practices to bring home with you.

Sharon Mauldin combines her experience as Dakini, Certified Tantra Educator, Bodywork Practitioner and Childbirth Mentor to offer unique and powerful private sessions, retreats and workshops. With over 25 years of experience in the healing arts she is gifted in holding a clear, loving space for groups, individuals and couples to explore the fullness of their whole-being expression. She passionately embraces the Tantric path as a gateway to fully embodying the holy and bringing enlivened presence to every moment.

Kenneth Mauldin 20 year student of personal growth and awaking practices, Certified Tantric Educator and Daka offers a conscious and
safe container for opening to the full expression of one's creative life force. With the power of intentional loving presence he invites, awakening and union of all the qualities of being human. His passion is learning about love.

Sharon & Kenneth, offer a safe space and loving guidance for couples and individuals to experience their sexuality as a sacred learning and healing ground while growing in trust and intimacy with themselves and others. For the past 11 years they have been offering Sacred Loving workshops, retreats and private sessions.

After 20 years of living in Southwest Colorado in the USA they are currently living in a van somewhere in Australia



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