RAIYA (Sedona, Arizona)

Sedona Temple High Priestess


I am a sacred healer and practitioner in the art and religious practice of Tantra, Taoism and Kama Sutra.  I am currently offering the below Tantra sessions.

 Whole Body Healing
An hour of peace, quiet and serene sensual relaxation as I integrate my innate healing abilities, spiritual practices, energetic blessings and sensuality to help soothe you into bliss.  This session is for you to receive only. I will briefly go through some techniques to help you be more open, aware and sensitive to the shifts in your body as well as truly begin to see the value in the art of receiving. 

Tantra Exploration and Body Celebration Sessions
If you are looking for a more mutual experience with touch and conscious energy exchange, if this is your first time coming to see me, or if you have no experience with the amazing transformational power of of Tantra, I strongly recommend this session! Due to the depth of connection and sharing that takes place, there is a 120 minute minimum for this type of session.  The first session takes time and is very important for your journey and our journey together.  After this session, should we choose to continue our journey together, you have the option of choosing shorter or longer sessions. If you are unable to schedule a 120 minute session for any reason and would still like to schedule a tantra session, I can offer a 90 minute session. The full session can include some of the following options:
�FD         Sacred ceremonial bath ritual (we take together)
�FD         Shamanic Method of Sex Magic: Manifesting desires through cultivation of sexual energy
�FD         *Goddess Worship: Worship in whichever way the Goddess desires, learn new tips through guidance and get to truly feel how amazing it can be to serve the Goddess
�FD         *Goddess, Guide me: Finally get to ask questions you always wondered about, explore the female body fearlessly and shamelessly through the delicate, direct and expert guidance from the Goddess
�FD         *Vulva massage, G-spot massage and Female Ejaculation (Amrita)***
�FD         Ladi Han: Exploring making love in the "unknown"
�FD         Emotional release/ trauma release through sacred spot massage
�FD         Ejaculatory Mastery and Multiple Orgasms for Men
�FD         NVC (Non violent communication or the communication of love)
�FD         Mutual self pleasuring and the celebration of exploring our body as a Temple
�FD         Learning the art of Magnetic Tantra and sexual energy flow through the body
�FD         Chakra balancing and Recognizing/Reclaiming/Restoring the inner Masculine and Feminine
�FD          1CDark Tantra 1D or exploring sensual domination, tantric power exchange, and total Surrender to Yin
Although I offer all of these services and much more, I make no guarantees.  Any goddess session types listed above which are accompanied by a star are sessions reserved for our second session together or whenever I am open to receiving from you or anyone in that way.  I also reserve the right to refuse any further service at any time should I feel that boundaries are being dishonored or pushed, that there is an agenda that is not in alignment with our agreements or boundaries are not respected.  Any and all disservice will not be tolerated and you can expect the utmost respect, privacy, patience, cleanliness, love and honor from me at all times.