Peter Thomas


Stream 1

Presentation:  Sexual Hypothetical

Reports are being circulated about a professional Sexuality practitioner working in the "consciousness & connection" sector of the industry has a full sexual interaction with several clients which develop into personal relationships and several interactions which clients claim to be "out of order" . What is the attitude of the "conscious" sex industry to these events and to the practitioner. And what is to be done about it - or can be done about it - if

Peter conducts a Geoffrey Robertson style hypothetical working with a forum conjured from the professionals attending the "hypothetical" (and possibly a legal representative?) to investigate whether professional "standards" exist in the "conscious sexuality industry, what exactly we think they are, why we have or don't have them - and what we expect of each other to support the development and continued growth of the industry.


Stream 2

Presentation:  Dragon's Breath 

A powerful presentation that employs the Chuluaqui Quodoushka energy of each participant, Simple Shamanic ceremony & Osho Peter's hypnotic voice journey technique to facilitate a 5th dimensional ancestral "dragon's" journey back 7 generations and forward 7 generations to utilise the "breath of the dragon" to excise, cleanse or temper an aspect of the subject's life passed down through the ancestral line or via the cell memory & to empower & activate subjects as their own Shaman Sorcerer. This is the introductory practice of Osho Peter's "Dragon's Journey" programme of workshops, incorporating Shamanic practices with other modalities to work in simple but powerful ways to interact with the subjects life & family line.



Osho Peter Thomas is a self-proclaimed Sorcerer Wizard and a Shamanic Apprentice with the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. He has been working with the Sacred Sexuality Teachings of that path since 2003, and is the current Sponsor of the Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality teachings in South East Asia, rapidly developing the Quodoushka Programme with 2011 workshops scheduled in capital cities across Australia, in New Zealand & in South East Asia. He has been a conservationist & consciousness activist since 1993, when he founded the world's first dedicated Environmental Radio Network, Planet Radio. He is also an active participant in "the Joining" Elders cultural change community (second circle). He has qualifications in Personal Counselling & is a highly skilled Public speaker & Presenter. His career spans Senior Corporate Media Management, independent media, Film Making & Multimedia Production. He has recently developed the Dragons' Journey series of workshops exploring ancestral & generational awareness, interaction & healing via voice & life force energy. Peter is also in demand for personal mentoring consultations, assisting men & women to stand in their "circle of power".



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