Meredith Sands Keator


Stream 1

Neural Resonance Therapy®: Sacred Anatomy as a guide to Somatic Healing

Whether you are a sacred sexual healer, massage therapist, chiropractor or just interested in the philosophy of the Body, Neural Resonance is like an advanced anatomy class that combines the East and West of energy and matter for the very first time.

Be prepared for a fast moving, 3D presentation that will stimulate your very being with the planes of frequency that result when you combine muscles, nerves and dermatomes with meridians, chakras, kundalini and more. Fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, we are offered a kaleidoscope of avenues with which to approach the nervous system and elevate our insight, as well as the healing that happens during sessions.

Sacred Geometry is the link between our DNA and the cosmos, and we are now able to trace the connections between our Eastern and Western wisdoms to see how these ancient symbols have always given us the clue to our biology, the universe, our past and our future.

Regardless of what techniques you use, this presentation will offer you an inspiring new way to accentuate your skills, or just appreciate the wisdom you embody.

Workshops for more in depth study will be held in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane after the 2010 conference. All levels welcome.

Stream 2
Wilhelm Reich; Orgasm, Energy and the new age of Medicine

Reich was a revolutionary psychiatrist who studied and worked with Freud before devoting his life to the science of sexuality and energy sciences. His pioneering work began with the assertion that Orgastic energy and Life Force energy are one.

He went on to connect illnesses with sexual suppression, shift precarious social boundaries of sexual education in the 1930’s and create political waves within the growing fascism of Europe. He also contended there was a conscious effort being made to repress the science of energy for the wealth of the medical industry, and he was eventually persecuted by the Food and Drug Administration and sent to prison.

He was famed and reviled, considered both genius and mad and left a large imprint on the world of psychology and somatics. We use his work often without knowing its origin as his name has been brushed under the carpet of controversy. Despite a lifetime of remarkable research, this prolific, Austrian born activist died in an American prison after the US government burned his books in 1957.

This hour focuses on Reich’s fascinating life and contributions, presenting his work as a link between Eastern and Western medicine to see a growing science in sexuality.

This talk is a valuable introduction to Neural Resonance: Sacred Geometry as a guide to Somatic Healing held in Stream One.

Meredith comes through a line of people who have been involved in both western and alternative Healing Arts for generations.  

Having studied Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Eastern diagnostics since 1994, her extensive training has led to over fifteen years of private practice, program creation, teaching and research within the somatic field of mind/body medicine. Based near Los Angeles, Meredith offers workshops in the U.S, Canada, England and Australia.

Due to an energy experience in 1995 that left her in a state of intense upheaval, Meredith began witnessing energy in the body in a way she couldn’t understand. In the need to assimilate her experience as well as the information that was emerging, she absorbed herself in her shiatsu and acupuncture practice while reading and learning as much as she could. Fifteen years later, what began as a need for personal healing resulted in a body of research that coincides with recent findings in physics. She has been sharing this insight through workshops since 2003 as Neural Resonance Therapy®, and is currently writing a book on the subject.

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