MAYA (Sedona, Arizona)


Maya is a highly skilled, powerful, and intuitive Sacred Sexual Healer, Shamaness, and Kundalini Yogini. Unique, individualistic, and deeply devoted to her spirit path, Maya is a true student of life. She deeply honors and continually strives for enrichment of perspective and insight amassed through a wide range of schools and masters. Yet, it is her rich life experience, discipline, and soul path that conveys such powerful insight, strong presence and deep authenticity.
She is a holistic and grounded guide, providing practical, integrated feedback and perspective.  She is intense and direct, yet can maintain wonderful lightness and humor, with a gentle, compassionate heart and tender touch.
This goddess lovingly supports the flowering of consciousness as she brings light to the core collective conditionings, addictions, repressions, and distortions of our time.  Embody the passionate, creative, free and knowing spirit of divine being! 
Maya travels worldwide, offering workshops, intensives, and private sessions to those who seek a higher vibration of being. Enjoy being seen, supported, and celebrated by this beautiful and spirited guide.  She offers Daka/Dakini sessions, training, mentoring and relationship coaching.
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