Mark is an easy to be with yet gifted teacher and intuitive. His years of experience around teaching from yoga studio's to universities have given him an ease in instruction, communication and more so problem solving. He also has a variety of tools to help assist in understanding you better and then co-creating a personal solution that works for you.

Other training and certifications include Hypnotherapy (certified), NLP (certified), Guided Imagery (certified), Yoga (certified), Meditation, Breath Work, Shamanic Studies/Energy Work, Reiki Master, Tantra and Nutrition(certified)

Using tools like intuitive astrology, handwriting analysis, dream analysis and a wellness assessment he is able to understand your personal energetic makeup as well as psychologicial profile. In addition, if a wellness assement is taken, it gives a strong understanding of where you are motivated to change.

Mark creates a deeply personal and caring experience for all those that come to him. Sessions range from soft and easy/informative to deep and potentially intense. They do range from a structured approach to free form. Mark's years of experience and traing have given him the awareness that all are different and each has their own path to healing. At the same time, you can also be deterministic about your time with him.

One simple goal would be that you (re)establish your connection with the divine. This is done by guiding though your life at hand and allowing your information to flow from with through you, actualizing your goals and desires. This include helping you remove the dilemma around shame, blame and guilt to help you live more healthy on the emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual levels.

Some types of sessions offered include are:


Spiritual/Life/Wellness Coaching 26 years experience in teaching, coaching and counseling to assist you in better defining your path and life goals. Tools, methods and guidance to move you along that.

Primal Energy Balancing Using energy based and shamanic techniques, this will assist you in unifying your energetic field and primal sexual energy.

Heavy Energy Release Also uses energy and shamanic techniques with hypnotic, and imagery based tools to let go of mental blocks, long ago embedded as unconscious and unwanted habits and patterns.

Relationship Coaching Work with individuals and couples to help understand their relationship needs, wants, compatibilities to get the most out of their relationship. Tools may include (and not limited to) counseling, energy based techniques, tantric breathing & yoga, handwriting analysis, intimacy training and communication techniques.

Nutritional Coaching Certified as a nutritional counselor from AUCM in Los Angeles, Mark can assist your process around food based issues, diet, eating habits and vitamin supplementation. Other tools may include hypnosis, NLP and yoga

Spiritual AstrologyWith a lifetime of astrological study and training, Mark uses the North and South Nodes of the Moon to assist you in finding more self awareness, your potential and spiritual path.

Handwriting Analysis and Grapho-therapy Handwriting Analysis has been around almost since people started writing. It is extremely accurate and assist you in understanding and changing your psychological profile/makeup.

Yoga Training - Private/Couples Certified as yoga teacger 16 years ago, Mark's ongoing study of yoga, breath work, mediation and energy movement (Qigong) will bring you to new heights of physical awareness, flexibility and stamina.

Yogic/Tantric Breathing Breath work to include various tantric and yogic breathing techniques to bring more vitality, stamina, calmness and wellness into your daily life.

Meditation Meditation is an old art form with various techniques to teach and assist useful techniques to bring peace, harmony joy and fulfillment into your daily life.

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