Malaika Darville

You are invited to embark on a journey of self discovery and self expression. Using movement, ecstatic dance and other experiential processes as a form of active meditation or prayer. 28Move your being into expanded realms of consciousness, access profound healing & tap in to your own innate creativity. 28A joyous celebration of being, designed to release limiting belief patterns and heal your ancestral lineage. 28When we reconnect to the Earth and the elements we find harmony in our bodies. When we honour our ancestry, forgiveness happens and when we dance with our vulnerability, we remember who we are and can connect with our life purpose. When we experience the connection with other beings we feel our inseparable connection to all there is.

Malaika Darville has been teaching African dance since her return to her ancestral roots in Africa in 1992. Over the past 11years her week long intensives and rich life experiences inspired "The Shamans Dance” “The Ultimate Journey” and “The Reconnection”

“For me dance is worship with the body and I feel when we dance from the inside out, we dance our prayers and true healing begins. Malaika is an excellent facilitator and has inspired people all over the world to open up and receive the infinite powers of healing available to us all. Malaika invites you to allow the power of music and rhythm to feed your soul and express your highest visions and dreams. *



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