Magdalena (Phoenix AZ)


To Give Pleasure... You Must Know Pleasure...
Magdalena ~Beloved Sensual Comfort Priestess
Be true to yourself and your path by living fully, sensually and unconditionally in divine love. Open, Receive and Enjoy

Specialist in 'NAH Session' (Nurturing, Awaking, Healing)
I am a Dharma Dakini, a sky-dancing angel who will dazzle you, arouse you out of your sleep of habits and seduce you onto the path of truth.

My training includes work with the world-renowned Tantra experts Caroline and Charles Muir. I am a certified Associate Practitioner with the Divine Feminine Institute under the direction of Dr. Joan Heartfield. In addition, I practice the sacred teachings of the Jade Goddess.

What I offer to Men, Woman and Couples:

-awakening your sensuality through breath, sounds and respectful touch
-connection to the divine feminine/masculine in all of us
-the exploration of your erotic innocence and creative power
-a safe space to feel your f! eelings and discover the needs beneath them
-awakening and building energy within your body
-developing a more fulfilling and passionate relationship with your partner
-discovering what's alive in you

I revere my work and hold it as sacred. I am a tantric educator and healer. If you are interested in bringing more love, connection, and aliveness into your life, then I may be the experience you desire. Respect is of the highest requirement.

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