Liana Gailand

A Sexological Bodyworker’s viewpoint on the Autonomic Nervous System

An introduction and exploration into the autonomic nervous of the human body and it’s importance in up regulation (arousal) practices and down regulation (rest and relaxation) practices.  In a world where we are driven to success, driven to orgasm, driven to be busy and focussed at all costs where ‘up’ is the way to be.  Sexological Bodywork looks at the importance of down regulation practices for the human being in order to rest and renew.

Liana Gailand is the organizer and promoter of Sexological Bodywork Professional Training and her intention to bring this profession to Australia.  Liana has also worked extensively with sexual polarity teachings such as David Deida and Theun Mares.  She has also had a long-term practice of sacred women’s work with teachers such as Anna Davidovich and Sofia Diaz.  Liana has also studied extensively with brilliant somatic teachers such as Chester Mainard and Ellen Heed.

As part of her own personal practice Liana engaged in a year-long exploration of her orgasmic capacity by solo sexing for over an hour each day, by leaning into the resilient edge of her own resistance and un-furling her body sexually and embracing deep breath practices.  She understands the importance of be self sufficient sexuality and being un-encumbered to another human being for sexual fulfillment.