Leyolah Antara

Kundalini Dance:
An invitation to embody your sexuality as a creative evolutionary impulse.

Ø Learn keys to self generate your juicy, vibrant, inner radiance.
Your sexual creative, energy, kundalini shakti, the sexual creative

Ø Learn breath and movement practices for opening the tantric energy
pathways that lead to the experience of full bodied ecstatic orgasm.
Ø Cleanse your emotional centers ( chakra’s)  from previously
suppressed emotional energy that have been blocking your sexual
creative life force from freely flowing through your whole body mind
Ø Practice linking your sexual energy to your heart center and
cultivate the wellspring of love within.
Ø  Explore silent heart centered relating, dissolving barriers to
deeper intimacy.
Ø Embody keys to transform your relationship with the masculine and
feminine polarities both human and divine.

Check out a Youtube video clip of the performance:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWySJ--CiGg

Leyolah Antara has been sharing her cutting edge methods of
transformation and empowerment for almost twenty years. She created
and founded Kundalini Dance which is an ecstatic alchemical dance
practice. Based in tantric shamanic energy practices her work is
deeply transformative and supports the emergence of life changing
shifts in consciousness.

“I am passionate about inspiring men and women to connect to their
sexuality as an evolutionary impulse of life. When we open the
tantric  energy pathways in our body mind system we awaken our higher
consciousness and the power to co create positive life change. “

Leyolah Antara is currently writing her first book, “Cultivating
Shakti” to be released early 2011.

For more info go to: www.leyolahantara.com


Other presentation topics:

Leyolah Antara will share her cutting edge methods and 20 years
experience, teaching and cultivating sexual energy as an ecstatic,
creative, evolutionary impulse of life. Leyolah will share tantric
shamanic, energy and breath practices for cultivating sexual energy
and clearing the tantric energy pathways to experience full bodied
ecstatic orgasm that awaken's consciousness.
We will explore the importance of transforming the core wound of
separation and mistrust of the masculine and feminine polarities, both
human and divine in order for our sexual energy to begin to
spontaneously rise to the heart and higher chakra's, that we may
surrender and experience divine union . Leyolah is a pioneer and has a
gift is to get participants to embody what she is talking about so be
prepared to breath, feel and connect with your self and each other.