Presentation:  From Vulva Taboo to Vulvalation

Many people find it very difficult to speak about women's genitals. In one study, only 7% of respondents considered the vagina a body part that is freely mentionable. Another survey found that 53% of women "felt some discomfort using the word vagina". In recent years we have seen pioneers such as Judy Chicago, Betty Dodson and Eve Ensler make groundbreaking contributions towards putting female genitalia on the map. But despite public debate and discussion about sex and sexuality, the fact remains that, for the majority of people, women's genitals remain hard to name accurately, if at all, and are shrouded in mystery.

This presentation looks at the Vulva Taboo and offers a range of tools and techniques that we can use to overcome the discomfort and liberate our voices, our vulva and the voices of our vulva! It introduces the Vulvalation – a movement that invites women to enjoy the freedom to speak about, understand and appreciate the very body parts that make us women.

Laura-Doe has been on a life long study of sexuality. She has facilitated experiential women’s work for the past 15 years and has developed her own particular flavour of workshops focusing on our relationship with pleasure, our sacred sexuality and our wondrous yOni. This work is offered through the yOniversity.

Laura-Doe is also the publisher of a woman focused web magazine and is passionate about empowering women to recognise and celebrate their unique feminine gifts. She particularly enjoys using her talent for comedy to explore delicate issues and has written and performs a unique one-woman comic cabaret called ''Vaudeville of the Vulva'. Described as ‘artful, aphrodisiac edutainment’ the show gently tickles those pesky taboos into transformative surrender.

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