Kylie Martin

Sexy Self Portraits

Each of us carries our stories not just in our mind memory - but in our flesh and bones - our cellular memory. A juicy interplay of movement, art and creative dialogue transports us beyond what we think we “know” to discover a stream of imagery as living, breathing, sexy beings! This workshop will help reveal any obstacles that may be unconsciously shaping or hindering your sexual self. Tapping into a wellspring of body-wisdom, this multi-modal approach - infused with personal and group rituals - allows new experiences to emerge. Here, we breathe life into dormant, unlived and unloved aspects of our being, in turn, embodying and inviting positive and conscious change.

Emerge inspired with a one of a kind visual masterpiece, which may not be what you’d expect a self “portrait” to be. Suitable for artists AND those with no art/dance experience!

Kylie is a Yoga Teacher, Artist, Arts and Movement Therapist and a Creativity Coach. In tandem with her personal healing journey she worked extensively with women recovering from sexual and family violence - witnessing women unravel their trauma and return from exile - back to their sacred bodies. In turn, her deep journey unwittingly inspired a path into what had once seemed like an impossible realm -  the embodiment of sacred sexuality and deepening presence. She has inspired countless men and women in both clinical and community workshops, revealing stories, masterpieces and performances of truth, empowerment and positive cultural change.

As founder of Yoga Art Play (Vic) Kylie creates a playful, safe and sacred space for her students and clients to nourish their spirits, connect with their bodies and encounter their true essence. Her approach as co-creator awakens authenticity and body wisdom - while evoking a depth and curiosity in people. Yoga and the Arts provide rich mediums for (re) discovering the ways in which we live and move through our lives while cultivating mindfulness and compassion, and celebrating the physical realm of the body. From here, portals open into dormant inner landscapes and gifts, and the arts emerge with their magical qualities enabling us to risk or “try on” new ways of being, seeing and loving. She creates a wonderful, flowing interplay of modalities - infused with tantric flavors and poetic grace. Each class or workshop is a mystical journey. Kylie eloquently shares from her continuing juicy adventures in life, Love and Consciousness – with passion and humor.