KAMALA DEVI (San Diego, California)


Kamala Devi, is a Bliss Coach and Dakini who awakened to the sacred sexual arts in Hawaii. She has since traveled Europe, Asia, India, Bali and the South Pacific studying tantra. She specializes in Sex Magic, Channeling Creativity and Self Promotion for Erotic Professionals. Kamala hosts and leads monthly pujas and playshops in San Diego.
Kamala is the author of "Don't Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra","Teaching Tantra: The Erotic Way", and is currently working with Baba Dez to co-author "Sacred Sexual Healing: Tantra for Transformation and Sex Magic for Manifestation".
Kamala Devi's Links:
www.PartnerPlayshop.com (Kamala Devi's Home Page)