Kaliana and Jon


Stream 1
Presentation:  Restoration of Innocence

•    Releasing cultural, religious, and family imprints and distortions of sexual energy.
•    Healing the rift between archetypal feminine and masculine energies.
•    Aligning ourselves with the highest possible spiritual intention for the expression of sexual energy.

‘To achieve sacred sexuality it is important to release old beliefs and vows – e.g., celibacy and sexual guilt, and to reclaim the innocence and ancient knowledge encoded in our genetic structure. These blueprints of wholeness, if nourished and activated, will guide us from within. Relationships provide a profound crucible for healing the split between men and women, as they are a mirror of the internal dynamic that exists within each individual.’  
Stream 2.
The Sacred Union of Spirituality and Sexuality

•    The transformative and healing power of sexuality and spirituality combined.
•    Keeping passion and soul purpose alive in a committed relationship.
•    The use of focused sexual energy for planetary healing.

‘When love and trust and intimacy are strengthened then sexuality evolves into the new paradigm of Sacred Sexuality. Essential to this is the couple’s willingness to dedicate their union as a Sacred Act….a willingness to invite their whole being to participate and lift the human self into higher levels of oneness and bliss. When two souls recognize in each other a harmony and alignment of frequency, expressing love and sexuality, their union in the truest and most sacred sense is a celebration which serves and blesses the greater whole or community. ’
Kaliana Raphael Rose, brings 23 yrs experience as a gifted healer and group facilitator. She has facilitated women and men’s healing circles and practitioner courses in Vibrational Healing, traveling and working in Australia and overseas. She has created the Rose of Raphael Vibrational Essences - over 140 vibrational essences and produced 3 music cd’s, 3 books and 3 sets of healing cards. Kaliana brings to her work a passionate commitment to the celebration and restoration of the sacred feminine mysteries, Sacred Union and the Divine Plan.  website : www.roseofraphael.com.au

Jon Russell, is a qualified and experienced healer, psychotherapist, relationship counselor, group leader and conference speaker with 38 years experience in the healing arts. He has created numerous programs including Sacred Union, Wholly Men and Soul Parenting. In addition to his private practice and group work he has presented Relationship Education programs in high schools. Jon brings a deep spiritual commitment to his work: his mission is the restoration of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Union on the Earth.

Kaliana and Jon In their workshop Sacred Union, combine their transformational skills with the practical wisdom and experience gained from their own 23 year relationship and co-parenting five children. They unite within the heart of compassion to take you on an enriching journey celebrating the sacred dance of male and female.



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