Illumina Christos and James Yonge


Stream 1

New Relationship

Illumina shares her journey and discoveries based upon a decade of super conscious relationship exploration with the intention to reclaim self through the mirror of reality, and also to deeply understand the workings of the male and female psyche and what it is that we yearn for as men and women. Illumina’s journey through initiations of divine union created her to anchor deep understandings around the core truth of human and holy relationship. The journey involved unexpectedly attracting specific soul mates of a generation younger than herself who carried the new dreaming for relationship, over a ten year period.  Masses of old co dependant patterning was methodically surrendered as it inevitably emerged, the distortion of the new dreamers was also met within, and deep understandings dropped in, in relation to holistic relationship and sovereignty. The result of all the undoing has been an astoundingly beauteous meeting with her tantric life and mission partner, with a full ‘speed ahead’ type of resonance and harmony, which they believe is possible for everyone.


Stream 2

The Power of your Inner Buddha to Transform your Life

A brief guided meditation to connect people deep to their Buddha self, followed by an interactive session with energy body readings to heal relationship dynamics, and shifts in consciousness for all present. Whilst what is volunteered as a distorted dynamic in one person’s reality, by nature of humanity's’ collective consciousness most others will also carry this in their field to some degree whether they are aware of it or not, so all then connect to it and receive (by choice). This will demonstrate the universal law of reflection beautifully to help people embrace what they attract, rather than reject. There will be discourse, some form of teaching that is woven throughout the session. In this session James Yonge and Illumina Christos will work together for a great experience of healing and alignment for all!



Illumina Christos

A life long inquiry into the truth of love and relationship guided Illumina into a stringent training in self mastery, and consequently teaching, beginning 11 years ago with the ascended masters Maitreya and El Morya. Through periods of relating and hermitage, and trawling the masculine and feminine pathways of her own energybody, a profound transformation began to take place. She gave her path over to experiencing unusual forms of relating in order to understand and reclaim all parts of her attached to, and perceiving the need of others for fulfilment and Union, until arriving at a deep place of peace within. Being witness to the power of this ignited an immense passion for mastery and guiding others into the highest potential of divine union. Illumina developed an ability to accurately locate and read the energy and consciousness held within, and to shift it using the merged power of the heart and divine intelligence. Seven years ago, an ovarian tumour plunged her into exploring its cause, which she discovered was the deep grief & resentment unconsciously held in relation to human sexual expression. Illumina began facilitating groups for the genders for the Restoration to Sacred Sexuality and teaches all forms of Unity consciousness and intimate relating.  



James Yonge

James Yonge was initiated into transcendental meditation at the age of thirteen. In his early twenties he adopted yoga to support his physical body while playing professional sport. Alongside his passion for peak performance he resumed his childhood passions for creativity in sculpture, visual arts, theatre and music. He realised the energy of creativity and healing to be the same divine energy. From his mid twenties James spiritual devotion and disciplinary practices dropped him deeper and deeper into Holy Communion with Source, and layers of illusory patterning peeled away as life presented opportunities to realise his true self. James has studied and practiced many systems, modalities and power therapies, and continues to to acquire the specific tools to hone his abilities as a master working directly with Gaia and Creator, anchoring spirit to matter, in service to the earth, humanity and all life. As a team, James and Illumina’s presences are a formidable power for support in bringing others into their highest potential embodiment and true knowing and expression of their wholeness.



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