IAN ELLINGTON (San Francisco, California)


Ian is an Erotic Healer, Physician, Usui Reiki Master, Conscious Integrative Breathworker, Tantric/Taoist Bodyworker, Sacred Intimate, and the former Atlanta Coordinator for Body Electric. He draws on all of these disciplines to carry the message forth that our Sexual Nature is our Divine Right, that our Erotic Energy is the Life Force, and that Awakening fully to this Erotic Energy in our Bodies can be a pathway to Higher Consciousness. Ian has been following the Tantric Path since 2000. 
He has trained with several organizations and individuals, including The Body Electric School, Bodhi Avinasha and Tantrika International, Rudy Ballentine, Jack Painter, Mantak Chia, Margot Anand's Love and Ecstacy Training with the Institute for Tantra and Meditation and numerous others. He is a devotee of and grateful for the works of Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Harvey, and OSHO. After 19 years of working with women as an OB/GYN, Ian has now devoted his life to working with men who are seeking personal transformation and growth.
Sexual life force energy has been known for centuries to be a pathway to higher consciousness and to a deeper connection with the sacredness of all there is. Ian works with his clients to transform this primal erotic energy into spiritual energy and bliss and guides them on a journey to embrace the pleasure of their body while breaking through old learned patterns of emotional blocks, taboos, ignorance and shame that limit their access to this ecstatic energy that is our birthright.
For many men, sexuality has been strongly influenced by a culture that teaches us from a young age that sex is to be hidden, not spoken of, and quiet. Our bodies take on this conditioning in the form of tensions, sexual dysfunctions, addictions, and intimacy issues. Our raw, primal, sexual nature is suppressed and replaced with mental noise and we lose our connection to our original Source. By bringing awareness to these old traps and reprogramming our bodies, we can awaken to more clarity, insight, creativity, self-esteem, personal growth and spiritual evolution.
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