Get involved


ISTA is a non-profit religious and educational organization with many opportunitites to collaborate with those who share a vision of love and harmony here on earth.  In addition to fascilitating educational events in over 30 countries, ISTA works with charitable organizations such as the Madonna Ministry International, The Chameleon Project: Oasis for Humanity, and the American Red Cross among others.  Read on to see which opportunity works with your desires, or suggest something new!


Volunteers are the cornerstone of our operation.  If you are open to participating in talks, workshops, conferences and trainings, we want  YOU! 

If you would like to attend an event and are willing to conduct registration and/or orientation for the attendees, we can offer a 50% discount in your fee*. 

We offer a discount for those volunteers who bring others in to programming.  


*Recipients of the free drawing will be notified if their entry is chosen.  Transfer of the discount is prohibited.

Give an Offering

The International School of Temple Arts is a non-profit educational organization.  We rely on donations for services and are in gratitude for each and every attendee who contributes their time, donations and services.  Will you consider supporting the expansion of sexuality consciousness by sponsoring a student?

Donation Options:

Sponsor an Event or Speaker

Would you like to reach the sexuality consciousness market?  Help us facilitate popular speakers by sponsoring their appearance and we will customize a package to promote your product or service at a specific event or on our annualized World Tour.  Or, sponsor an ISTA Faculty member and receive their endorsement*.  Details here.

Become ISTA Faculty

Become an ISTA Faculty Member and receive the benefit of working with a global organization that offers marketing, technology and networking opportunities for practitioners and teachers in the healing arts. ISTA facilitates educational talks, workshops, sessions and trainings in cities around the country and the world.  Click here to view "Becoming ISTA Faculty" video, or inquire about collaborating with ISTA here.

Become an Area Coordinator

ISTA has expanded its Faculty and added several World Tour options for each continent.  If you would like to help coordinate these Faculty talks, workshops and trainings in your region, please let us know and we will send a coordinator's kit describing the income opportunity.

Co-Produce an Event

Are you an experienced event producer?  We seek collaborations with those who can assist us in developing a broader reach through conferences and trainings in new locations across the globe.  Send us your bio and we will share our thoughts about expanding in your area.

Host a Sex Magic Movie Screening

Sex Magic is the hottest new sexuality consciousness film to hit the streets.  Host a Sex Magic film screening in your area, followed by a Q&A with Baba Dez himself.  Inquire here.