Presentation:  Sacred Alchemy for the Modern Mystic:  uncover your true nature!


How can the  techniques and practices of Sacred Alchemy enhance your life, evolve your consciousness and provide the ability to be an exceptional therapist.  Modern science has validated that consciousness is non-local.
Explore this non-locality aspect experientially and also  learn how Alchemy Techniques allow a therapist to both ‘see’  and heal the  subconscious blocks to transformation.  Learn how to program subconscious pathways to frame consciousness, embody presence, access core essence and more.  The techniques provide a new approach to healing and embodying the divine masculine and feminine.  Through healing trauma we are unfolding into our true nature, clearing away the blocks.  Through embodying core essence we are remembering the truth of who we are.  Through developing awareness, we are evolving ourselves to a new level of understanding regarding our wholeness and unity.

Join me for an experiential look at  a synthesis of integrated techniques which potentize the power to develop Awareness and high sense  perception,  rapidly heal by entering the zero point field,  and embodying core essence until your nervous system can hold you in your true nature.  The techniques facilitate  transformation of issues within the mind, emotion, body and Spirit. Through these techniques and our tools for Consciousness Unification we can become more integrated into a state of wholeness.  Whether you are working with sexuality, relationship or any other portal of transformation, these techniques are comprehensive,  and holistic  as well as being especially suited to compliment modalities that work in-body and energetically. I invite you to go beyond your story and get in alignment with life!

Having studied and been inspired by many spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, science and a variety of healing modalities, I have found my greatest teacher has been the ‘direct experience’ of my own life.  From an awakening experience in 1991, and through healing  severe trauma I found access to a potent and powerful inner source, beyond knowing, which supports my journey to wholeness, integration and awakening. This journey took me into an exploration of consciousness itself.  Over the last several years I have been involved with the work of Sacred Alchemy culminating in a body of processes and practices referred to as  Alchemy Techniques.  For me  it has provided the best of healing techniques, accessing core essence, and expanding and developing awareness.  At it’s deeper levels it is an exploration of the nature of experience, identity,  and consciousness.    You can find out more on    Sometimes you have to go a long way to become truly well!

At the moment my path is to share this work with others.  I am involved in both research and development of the techniques, and in process of co-writing a book.  I live in a community on Waiheke Island, New Zealand and have a healing practice and teach others the Sacred Alchemy practices.  I am also an artist and gardener, growing lavender to make an essential oil  which is then transformed into a variety of organic skin care products.  I am passionate about living a whole, sustainable life, in community and expressing the divine me.  I am told my gift is to inspire (as in ‘In Spirit) others!



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