Devi Ma


When was the last time you felt deliciously present in your soul’s physical vessel? Whole Body Healing is a practice designed to restore your sense of being fully alive and energetically complete both within your own body, and in your connection to the greater web of life force power.


To ‘heal’ is to “make whole” and to be whole is to be ‘holy’, that is, to be one with self and with Source. Nearly all of the alternative and traditional healing modalities in use today are not completely healing as they are not completely ‘whole-ing”.


Whole Body Healing delivers the maximum amount of life force energy from the web of life to the individual’s resonating vessel. We can achieve full connection to the web of life force and full activation through the hands-on conduit of the Whole Body Healer.


Practices specific to Whole Body Healing include Chakra Polarity (magnetic completion) which is achieved by aligning the practitioners energy centers with those of the seeker.




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