Tantric Sex and Erotic Media

Erotic Rockstar Productions aims to revolutionize the porn industry, and ultimately change the way that people relate to their sexuality.

The porn industry has become ubiquitous. And ultimately has become the de facto sex education within this country. As abstinence-only education peaked, so did the spread of internet porn. To say that this is unfortunate is to put it mildly. According to the porn industry what makes for great sex is huge tits, massive cocks, and jack-hammer pounding.

Erotic Rockstar Productions seeks to put forth a new ideal of human sexual potential. What is TRULY possible for us to experience within our bodies and through deep connection with another? While most of our cultural upbringings placed sexuality and spirituality as not only separate, but opposing forces (in order to dive deep into one, you must deny the other), is it instead possible for one's sexuality and spirituality to be interwoven? And if so, what might that look like? What exactly is 'sacred sexuality'? And while most everyone these days has heard of Tantra, why is it that few of us have actually ever seen it in action?

These are some of the questions that Erotic Rockstar Productions seeks to answer.

Conscious Erotic Media
Tantric Porn with a Rockstar Flair!

I believe that we are living in a time of transformational shift in human consciousness. Part of that shift MUST be in our sexual consciousness. Erotic Rockstar Productions is being formed to help lead this change.

Sacred, heart-connected, and deeply passionate and hot. Yes, we can create erotic media that brings it all, with a great attention to detail, amazing costumes, cutting edge camera equipment, and extraordinarily talented artists both in front of and behind the camera.

This is what it'll take reach the new generation, at ERS Productions, we're doing it. Come to this unique and passionate presentation to learn more and discover how You can help see this vision manifested...




World Tour Dates

11-13 Feb 2011  Australasia Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness Educators

15-20 Feb 2011  Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training

22 Feb - 1 Mar 2011  Byron Bay

2-8 Mar 2011  Sydney

9-17 Mar 2011 Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne

17 Mar - April 5 2011  Bali

23-27 Mar 2011  Bali Spirit Festival



Workshops and Presentations: 


The Orgasmic Breathing Experience:

Often referred to as Destin's signature event.


Imagine what it would be like to experience an orgasm from your breath alone...

Do you notice and derive pleasure from your breath?

Do you want to enhance the ecstasy and fulfillment of partner sex safely, freely, and at anytime you choose?


Come experience breath like you've never known it before.


Together we will learn a series of different breath practices that you can continue to explore and integrate into your erotic life long after you leave this workshop.


Using breath, sound, movement, and visualization, we will bring attention to the erotic energy that our bodies are capable of producing at any given moment. You will learn how to build that energy, increasing it throughout your entire body.


As each of us expands our erotic energy, we will envelop ourselves in a group erotic vibratory force field, which will grow and expand, raising higher and higher, until it peaks into a group energetic orgasm. 



Sexual Paradigms: Discussions on our Conscious Evolution


We live in a time of great transformational shift in human consciousness. Part of that shift MUST be a shift in our consciousness around our sexuality. It is time to heal our connection to our own eroticism. 


This is for you to strengthen your connection to your own erotic self. Release shame and move into a place of celebrating your eroticism simply for its own sake. 


As human beings we are granted two amazing gifts: The gift of our spirituality, and the gift of our sexuality. 


Can you be with your primal sexual feelings while maintaining your connection to Source? Can you be in your place of deep spiritual connectiveness, while maintaining your awareness of yourself as a sexual being? 


True Evolution requires a re-examination of all aspects of our being. As we birth this evolving paradigm, come join an expert in sexual energetics, Destin Gerek (  for a powerful, open discussion on our true sexual potential. Nothing will be taboo and any topic can, and will be discussed. The audience will participate in this talk, come ready to explore. 




Orgasmic Mastery: From Premature Ejaculation to Male Multiple Orgasms


Destin developed, an online course to teach men how to connect with their erotic energy and learn how to:

-Have full choice over when and if he ejaculates

-Have Full Body Orgasms

-Understand the separation between ejaculation and orgasm

-Experience Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

-and even experience 'the holy grail' of Male Multiple Orgasms

For a sample of Destin's presentation at the 2009 conference, click here:


Since launching Orgasmic Mastery, hundreds of men have gone through the Orgasmic Mastery course. These men aren't the only ones to have learned from the process! Destin will be presenting on all of the wisdom that he has gained from guiding these men through this experience, as well as, what he has learned about utilizing the internet as a medium for education and transformation. Additionally, learn how YOU can partner with Destin to help your clients gain this level of mastery over their own erotic energy, and create an additional stream of income in the process!



Enticing Desire:

How to Approach a Woman's Body to Keep Her Begging for More


Many women often find themselves on the defensive with men, because time after time, they have to be on guard keeping watch over the very safety of their bodies, as men just want to go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. 


Most women if truly given what they really craved, would have a long, slow sensual buildup to any sort of penetrative sex, or even to oral sex. Remember, she's got a whole body. From the tip of the head to the tip of the toes, she is capable of being stimulated. Allow her the opportunity to really crave more before she's getting it. 


Even long established partners can easily take for granted that they know what they're beloved is truly desiring. This workshop can act as a great container to check-in, practice presence, and set the tone for your whole sensual experience. 

In this workshop, we will explore the use of erotic massage to cultivate desire and bring it to new heights. 


Men, How much pleasure can you pour into her body?

Women, how much pleasure can you allow yourself to receive? 


This hands-on/clothes off workshop will include plenty of practice time to play with the skills and concepts discussed and demonstrated. A special emphasis is being placed on creating a safe and supportive environment.



Men will:

-Practice creating and holding a safe container that will allow her to go deeper into her experience

-Experience giving the gift of his absolute attention and full presence to his partner

-Learn how to communicate more effectively with his partner about what is and isn't working for her

-Practice approaching a woman's body in such a way that her craving will begin before he even touches her

-Learn ten new genital massage strokes to add to his sexual repertoire

-Learn how to entice her desire and have her begging for more 



Women will:

-Practice communicating more effectively about how she does and does not want to be touched

-Practice expressing her desires, boundaries, and expectations for the session

-Learn how to surrender into a place of deeper receptivity without guilt, fear, or shame

-Get to experience having her body approached and worshipped, as she truly desires

-Have the opportunity to feel fully met and seen by her beloved 




Eye Gazing Party


"New York's hottest dating trend" --Elle Magazine


What is a Deep Connection Eye Gazing Party?

The eyes are the window into the soul, so it's a lot easier to have a mesmerizing conversation with someone new after you've spent two minutes looking into his or her eyes. That is the simple idea behind Eye Gazing Parties. Banal chit-chat about employment status, the location of your apartment, or where you're from is not a great way to spark a captivating connection with an alluring new person. Eye contact is.


Here's how it works: An even number of singles meet in an attractive space over drinks and world beats. After a fun mini-lesson in the art of eye contact, the group splits into pairs, and each pair spends two minutes looking into each other's eyes, no talking, with inviting beats in the background. The pairs switch up every two minutes, for a total of around half an hour. Then there is a party afterwards, with drinks flowing and luscious beats vibing. The eye gazing has an electrifying effect on the party; simply put, two minutes of eye contact is the Cadillac of ice-breakers. Come try out the exciting new way to meet single souls!


Eye Gazing Parties were founded by Michael Ellsberg in NYC in 2005, and have been covered by the New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, and major media around the world. People who attend them report having profound experiences with many new and exciting people at each event.





Destin Gerek is the original Erotic Rockstar. An internationally recognized expert on the Energetics of Sex, he is a California State Certified Somatic Sexologist through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, an Erotic Empowerment Coach, and an Erotic Performer and Artist. An erotic educator for well over a decade, Destin has taken all that he's learned, studied, and explored, and integrated it fully into his being, such that he really walks his talk.


Destin works with individuals, couples, and groups and can help YOU take your connection to your own sexuality to the next level. He works with a coaching program that he developed called, "Comprehensive Erotic Evolution, or Unleashing YOUR Inner Erotic Rockstar!" Founder and principle of "Erotic Rockstar Productions," Destin is committed to creating top-notch erotic media that visually depicts sex at its highest expression of what it can be.


He is currently raising capital for Erotic Rockstar Productions' first video release. If you want to help be responsible for the release of the best educational and hottest porn release to date that is already lined up with distribution channels around the world and will be translated into multiple languages, contact Destin directly about investment opportunities!





Heart Gazing with The Erotic Rockstar

If the Eyes are the windows of the soul, then divine presence is the window to the heart.  Join The Erotic Rockstar in this unique adaptation to a wildly successful program to break the ice and increase the heart vibe.