Cynthia Connop & Ernst Dams

Public Presentation:

Living Love – the secrets of passionate intimacy.
By Cynthia Connop & Ernst Dams

ISTA presenters Cynthia Connop and Ernst DamsIf you would like more love, freedom and passion in your life and your relationships, then come along to the LIVING LOVE Event. Learn the differences between the masculine and feminine, the 3 stages of a relationship, and why many relationships succeed or fail!

Inspired by David Deida, this is a great event for those in a committed relationship, or those who are open and available to attracting the right person into their life.

Cynthia and Ernst will talk and guide exercises from Living Love, gently exploring polarity, attraction and love. Aimed at deepening masculine and feminine essence, with possibilities for enlightened play and authentic sharing from the heart.


The next  Living Love workshop for Singles and Couples is February 5th & 6th at the Gold Coast hinterland. Living Love for Women 1-day event is on the Sunshine Coast on Jan 16th.

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What MEN have to say about Living Love workshop:

`A strong experience and insight into being a man in today's world'. Tom, chef
`I gained a greater awareness of what women need and felt a stronger sense of courage and strength in my daily life'. Cian, construction manager
`It gives us guys tools and techniques to be a better man.' Lauritz, musician/dad
`Very valuable work, supportive to take relationship to a higher, juicier, deeper level.' Ravi, therapist
'The skill of being able to stand like a rock in the face of the wild feminine has enhanced my life.' Tony, welfare professional

What WOMEN have to say about Living Love:

'Deep...SEXY. This workshop has motivated me to make significant changes in my life.' Christine, counsellor
`Exciting, challenging and divine!' Amanda Ahern, project coordinator
`A deeply healing process connecting me more to my truth and core essence.' Rosa, musician
`I experienced myself in ways I had never dreamed possible - open, fluidly in my feminine power.' Phoebe, singer

Practioner’s stream

A sacred society.
Facilitated by Cynthia Connop and Ernst Dams from Living Love.

In a time where the old forms of relationships are melting away there are possibilities to create new and deeper ways of being together as men and women. Where our oneness is fundamental but the art of difference is cultivated. How can we do this with integrity, honouring the different needs of masculine and feminine?

In this session we will explore and experience
o    The integrity of masculine and feminine essence, towards each other and to the world.
o    Honouring the interactions between masculine and feminine.
o    Aligning blissful surrender with integrity and penetration.
o    A polarised culture v/s our neutralised culture.
o    The role of a group or community in living in sexual essence.


Cynthia Connop is the creator of the Living Love program . She has been exploring transformation for over 25 years, is a personal growth facilitator and documentary filmmaker. She has facilitated numerous workshops, culminating in the Living Love program for Men and Women, which is inspired by author and teacher David Deida. Her passion is to assist others to achieve authentic change in their  lives.

Cynthia’s  pioneering film projects have been screened on national television and had international releases. Her credits include the  cinema feature and TV doc ‘Sacred Sex’, the sacred sexuality how-to ‘Secrets of Sacred Sex’ (in collaboration with Tantra teachers Kerry and Diane Riley and Niyaso Carter),  the David Deida video ‘Spirit Sex Love’, and ‘Spiritual Terrorist’ a film on the Indian mystic, Osho . Her recent film ‘Bloodlines’ (ABC TV) explored a healing encounter between two women from both sides of the Holocaust.  

In her private consultations Cynthia draws on her skills in masculine/feminine polarity, sacred sexuality, voice dialogue and creativity coaching. She is an Avatar™ master and committed to creating an awakened, loving planet.

Ernst Dams  has been co-facilitating the Living Love programs with Cynthia since early 2009. He has been involved with Deida-inspired men’s groups for over ten years and currently leads a committed weekly men’s group in the Byron Shire.

He is passionate about assisting men and women in exploring and deepening their true sexual essence, encouraging them to live & play in this enlivened polarity.

Ernst grew up in the Netherlands, completed a BSc. degree in Tropical Agriculture and started his Australian journey in 1988. He is currently working both as a counsellor and as a solar industry consultant. This year he plans to finish a masters' degree in Gestalt therapy.