ANYAA McANDREWS (Charlotte, North Carolina)


Anyaa McAndrew is a shamanic-transpersonal psychotherapist and makes her home in the Smoky Mountains of NC. She is a Shamanic Breathwork practitioner, a Master Shamanic Astrologer, a Bishop in the Madonna Ministry and a Tantric Educator. 
As a High Priestess she facilitates "Awakening the Shamanic Priestess: Embodying Shakti to Heal Your World", "The Shamanic Priestess Process", a psyche and spirit empowerment path for women, and the "Magdalene Mysteries" in year-long circles around the US. Anyaa walks the path of the Goddess and is a vehicle for the returning Sacred Feminine at this Turning of the Ages.
Her work integrates the Scorpio-Taurus Mysteries of life-force energy with passion, love, safety and depth. Visit Anyaa's website for articles, interviews and coming events with Anyaa.
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