Annette and Graeme


Presentation:  Teaching Sexuality as a Commited Couple           
An open and frank discussion by Oztantra facilitators Annette & Graeme on the impact of teaching about sexuality, workshop facilitation and practitioners in sexual healing arena on a long term committed relationship. From the simple aspects of going into a workshop during the middle of a disagreement to the more complex handling of jealousy, trust, boundary and fidelity issues.

Presentation:  Emotional Yoga 28
What are your emotions and how do they affect your experience of sex, relationship and life? These basic but often powerful and overwhelming experiences in our body cause much confusion and suffering, mainly because of a lack of simple understanding of how they operate and what to do about them. Mostly what we do is try to avoid them or ignore them but in doing so we not only create inner struggle, minimize self awareness and numb out our experience of pleasure. Participate in this simple Yoga practice and get a new perspective on one of the most powerful experiences available to you- your emotions.

Bio for Oztantra facilitators Annette Baulch & Graeme Sudholz:

Current facilitators of Oztantra From Sex To Love & Beyond Workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney for couples and singles. They also offer relationship and personal sessions for couples and singles to clear blockages to greater love, self awareness, self empowerment and sexual ecstasy.

Trained by Oceana & Icarus, original creators of Oztantra, prior to taking over their business in 2006, both are also Certified Tantra Educators with Source School of Tantra, Hawaii. They are both Breathwork practitioners, with Emotional Intelligence and counselling skills. They come from everyday backgrounds, Annette being a former Nurse and Graeme a background in farming with his own civil contracting business grounding him alongside his tantric interests.

Annette & Graeme’s teachings mirror their own personal journeys- the deshaming of their sexuality and the reuniting of sex and love within their bodies and their psyche. They see their loving, challenging and robust relationship with each other as a vital part of this pathway, but see tantra as ultimately a pathway to self knowledge and self love. Annette & Graeme have a passion for creating a safe, honouring space for people to experience the deepest truth of who they are- which is love. They teach through presence, awareness and feeling, which may begin in the bedroom but ultimately permeates every aspect of life.

Through their down to earth approach Annette & Graeme seek to make the joys and challenges of tantra as accessible as possible, rather than seeing it as something purely “alternative”, and available to those in the broader community who are ready for it.



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