Presentation: Where the Triangle Starts: the ins and outs of female sexuality

This presentation is not just about sexual performance, but actually addresses a much more significant subject, that of women reclaiming their sexuality and sexual knowledge/wisdom.

• An overview of female sexuality from the Victorian era to now.

• Women’s sexual and genital self-esteem, what’s going on?

• Why do up to 30% of women live their whole life never having had an orgasm?

• Why the huge rise in labioplasty’s worldwide.

• The anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, the G spot, and the female prostate gland.

• Demystifying the G spot and female prostrate gland.

• Full body energetic orgasms for women: moving the energy.

Andrew Barnes is an internationally acclaimed Tantric relationship, sexuality and orgasm coach, author, speaker and Daka, who specialises in educating individuals/couples about new concepts in life, intimacy and sexuality to awaken personal revelation and vibrational transformation. For more information you can go to and

Yvonne Lumsden is a Tantric relationship and sexuality coach. She is also a traditional Reiki Master, teacher and practitioner from the Usui lineage, as well as a bodyworker and aromatherapist, and talented artist and photographer.  Yvonne has trained as a mental health nurse specialising in drug and alcohol counselling and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Addictive Behaviour. For more information you can go to and

Andrew and Yvonne are the creators of Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis. The book addresses female genital self-esteem and social issues.



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