AMBIKA (Sedona, Arizona)


Ambika is a certified Temple Dakini. Her mission in life is to create loving mutual beneficiary relationships where the deepest joy is released. Being a graduate of the Sedona School of Temple Arts apprenticeship program and the Dakini Intensive, she holds space for her clients, teaches Tantric principals, educates on various opportunities regarding sacred sexuality and further deepens her passion in regards to the mission of the Sedona Temple. Having practiced at the Sedona Temple for almost a year, her clients drive from all over to see meet for a session. Specializing in massage therapy, she reacquaints her clients with the feeling of being awakened using her own developed intuitive touch modalities. Ambika's trademark course for couples entitled "Honey, Where's My Libido?" is offered in both Phoenix and Sedona.  Being free spirited and well trained, her education began at a private Catholic school in Houston and culminated into graduating from Law School. Having trained with well-known spiritual teachers, she continues to amaze many with her abundant and conscious way of living, touching many in miraculous ways.
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