A GOLDEN FIRE (Boulder, Colorado)


A Golden Fire has been featured in the media: Channel 2 (WB 2); in various magazines; in documentary films, such as The Sacred Prostitute, Tantric massage: Femme a Femme etc. Born and raised in Scandinavia , one of the most sexually liberated places in the world, Tantra / sacred sexuality was a very natural path for her. Since age 15 she has been on a Devoted Path, and her gifts are now unfolding into its powerful fruition. 
She takes you on a beautiful sensual and nurturing Synergistic Tantric Somatic Journey, where the entire body connects to the subconscious, whereby tapping into your natural innate powers and pleasures. It will heighten your Tantric experience to new levels you have never thought possible!
  • xpand your orgasms
  • awaken the Kundalini
  • expand your consciousness
  • resolve issues and in your partnership
  • learn about Tantra / sacred sexuality on a deeper and quicker pace
A Golden Fire's Links:
TempleofTantra.com (A Golden Fire's Home Page)