Abe & Irene

Experience Intimacy – The Real Deal

Love, Intimacy and Sexuality can be some of the hardest issues we encounter in our relationships. Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again in your relationships and hope for a different result? Often our relationships work (or don’t), but knowing why is a mystery.
Do you want to experience more love in your life? Are you ready to experience true intimacy? No matter where you are in your relationships today, do you long to deepen your capacity for intimacy?
In this short experience of “Intimacy – The Real Deal” you can learn some simple yet powerful tools that you can take home and apply in your relationships.
Celebrate deeper levels of intimacy and create new ways of being with others that are satisfying and nurturing. The Human Awareness Institute is committed to creating a world where everyone wins.

Abe Moses:
Abe Moses started his career as an agricultural scientist and has since grown to live and apply the laws of the land to his life. His conscious evolution journey includes creating and presenting numerous self-help courses during the 1990’s, both in and out of the workplace.
Owning a Health and Healing Centre in Sydney, Abe practised many natural therapies, including therapeutic massage, Shiatsu, diaphragmatic breathing and Reiki. Since 2004, Abe has played a pioneering role in revitalising the work of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) in Australia.  As a workshop presenter, Abe has introduced HAI to numerous people and participated as an assistant at their Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops.
Today, Abe owns and operates a Holistic Consulting Business, based on timeless universal laws and win/win practices, taught by the Human Awareness Institute. Abe enjoys a deep relationship with his partner Irene, and together they practice love, intimacy and sexuality techniques, learnt at HAI’s powerful weekend workshops.
Irene Jehnich:
Irene is originally from Germany where she first discovered Tantra and other personal growth workshops, 20 years ago.
Soon after moving to Australia, she started participating in the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops offered by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). In 2006, she joined Abe in producing (organising) the HAI workshops, and soon afterwards they entered into a intimate relationship which has grown in depth over the years. Irene has served on team at numerous HAI workshops, and together with Abe facilitated Introductory Evenings to present the work of HAI.
Irene has 2 adult sons who live overseas. In her professional life she is a computer programmer, specialising in building websites.











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